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Re: [O] Several %(expression) in org-agenda-prefix-format

From: laurent . jucquois
Subject: Re: [O] Several %(expression) in org-agenda-prefix-format
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 10:16:36 +0200
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Hi Adam,

I messed up my example, I meant to write 'org-entry-get'.

Sadly, the problem doesn't come from there.

Like Christophe suggested, I guess I'll satisfy myself with a concat expression of all the properties I need, which is not ideal for readability (not all my properties have the same length).

Maybe this could be reported as a bug or maybe the documentation should be upgraded if one is only allowed to pass 'org-agenda-prefix-format' one custom %(expression).

Anyway, I'm really far far away from being able to understand what's going on under the hood of 'org-agenda-prefix-format' to solve this problem myself.

But I hope someone will (or maybe I will when I've finally learned enough lisp)!



Am 14.04.2016 23:12 schrieb Adam Porter:
address@hidden writes:

I've come up with the following (mal-functionning)

%(org-get-entry (point) "Case" t) %(org-entry-get (point) "CaseNum" t)
%(org-entry-get (point) "FiscalYear" t)

But this only gives me :

Dupond : My first pleadings

Hi Laurent,

I noticed that you're using both `org-get-entry' and `org-entry-get'.
According to the docs, only `org-entry-get' should do what you want, but
your output seems to indicate the opposite.  I'm not sure what to make
of that, but maybe this is a clue to the problem...?

Please let us know how you fix it.  I've been wanting to try something
like that myself.

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