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Re: [O] Several %(expression) in org-agenda-prefix-format

From: Christophe Schockaert
Subject: Re: [O] Several %(expression) in org-agenda-prefix-format
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 17:52:57 +0200

Nick Dokos writes:

> address@hidden writes:
>> Hi Christophe,
>> Thanks for the pointer!
>> I had already tried this solution but I wasn't entirely satisfied
>> because of alignment reasons.
> Can't you use something like:
>    (format "%-40s" (concat ...))
> ?

Glad you went further.

As Nikos said, for alignment, you can use 'format', and maybe build a
wholly formated stringĀ :

(format "%-10s%-24s%-20s" (concat (org-entry-get "prop1"))
                          (concat ...)

in order to get something likeĀ :

DUPOND    12/RG/569     (10)                : My task
DURAND    16/1689/A     (05; 10-12; 14)     : My task

I don't know how you want your display to render in the end, but
'format' will allow you quite much flexibility.


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