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Re: [O] exported table has text overflowing off the pdf page

From: Eduardo Mercovich
Subject: Re: [O] exported table has text overflowing off the pdf page
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 12:57:45 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sharon.

>>> I'm running into problems exporting tables into latex with a 2-column
>>> 3-row table with a large amount of text to go into the cells, but when
>>> its exported the text is taking over and overflowing off the pdf page.

I'm a newbie and confronted to this same situation found this latex
options (from the org-manual, but not obvious when you don't know what
you're searching):

#+CAPTION: This is your table caption (of course, it's optional). 
#+NAME:   table:yourtableid
#+ATTR_LATEX: :environment longtable :width 1\textwidth :font \small 
\raggedright :align >{\raggedright}p{9cm} p{3cm}
| Here | comes | your | table |
| and  | some  | text | cells |

Let's break this into pieces:

:environment longtable
 breaks across pages if too long. 

:width 1\textwidth
 it has the width of the text block

:font \small
 assuming your latex class has a "small" font size definition,
 can be tiny, miniscule, etc. 

: \raggedright
 don't justify a few words in short width columns, looks much better

:align >{\raggedright}p{9cm} p{3cm}
 this defines the column align and width. 

Try it, see what happens and let's optimize this together. :)


eduardo mercovich 

 Donde se cruzan tus talentos 
 con las necesidades del mundo, 
 ahí está tu vocación.

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