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Re: [O] org mode moves to GNU emacs core

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [O] org mode moves to GNU emacs core
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2017 08:33:24 +0000
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>>> "Bastien" == Bastien  <address@hidden> writes:

    > Hi Uwe,
    > Uwe Brauer <address@hidden> writes:

    >> I am not sure whether I understand that discussion in emacs dev
    >> correctly. Will orgmode be moved into the GNU emacs try as it was done
    >> with gnus?

    > for the record, I would be in favor of this.  Why?

    > - Less installation headaches
    > - Less maintainance and backward-compatibility headaches
    > - Possibility of having etc/TODO in Emacs using org-mode
    > - Attracting Org developers/contributors to Emacs repo

    > As a maintainer, I don't see any advantage of having Org
    > maintained as an ELPA package.

But the release cycles are very different, so in order to have always
the latest stable org package, I need to compile and install the whole
GNU emacs beast. I thought the whole idea of a package system is to
avoid this headache. 

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