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Re: [O] org mode moves to GNU emacs core

From: Bastien Guerry
Subject: Re: [O] org mode moves to GNU emacs core
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2017 14:40:03 +0200
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Hi Philip,

address@hidden (Phillip Lord) writes:

> I presume you do see this as an advantage? The issue is, surely,
> that it's too much of a PITA for the advantage that you gain?

Well, it's not really about PITA-or-not-PITA, it's just that I want
org-mode to be the default mode for some files in Emacs, and having
org-mode in Emacs' core is the most simple way to go for this.

Maintainers of projects like Gnus or CEDET don't want their code to
live outside of Emacs repo neither, so I guess simplicity is a big


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