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Re: [O] LaTeX > PDF blocked by extender chars in filename

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: [O] LaTeX > PDF blocked by extender chars in filename
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2017 14:57:34 -0300
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This somehow happens to be problematic to me too, if for some reason the
inclusion of the file isn't made by Org mode itself.

For example, we know that "#+INCLUDE:" keywords at the start of the line
are Org mode specific includes, and you can place the file references in
the first argument with the literal characters (that is: no need to do
percent encoding/escaping).

However, hyperlinks (that is: those between "[[" and "]]") demand
percent encoding/escaping. But, it seems that the Org-to-LaTeX exporter
isn't translating the hyperlinks to something LaTeX understands (LaTeX
expects literal characters, and "%" is the start of a comment).

Also, as a final note, the default grffile inclusion in the Org-to-LaTeX
(and to PDF also) doesn't include the necessary options to make LaTeX
accept spaces and accents in file names. That's OK for compatibility
reasons, and if you do want to force it to accept such special
characters, use the grffilesetup LaTeX command with the proper grffile

Personally, I like to go the safest route: remove special characters
from file names whenever I don't need them. I generally replace spaces
with underscores, and leave letters without accent. This also avoids
having to deal with the broken percent decoding/unescaping when doing
Org-to-LaTeX exports.

Hope this helps! :)

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