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Re: Long links

From: Steven Penny
Subject: Re: Long links
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 20:57:25 -0600

On Sat, Jan 4, 2020 at 8:13 PM Trey Ethan Harris wrote:
> I literally included the link mentioned in your first post in my example Org
> file to address the question of whether it would cause horizontal scrolling.

which would have been nice if my question was, "how to I configure my software
to wrap without inserting newlines?" but the question actually was, how to enter
newline that are removed in the output.

> ...and which, again, has nothing to do with Org whatsoever—it’s simply an
> existence proof that GitHub sometimes does horizontal scrolling, which is
> entirely irrelevant to anything having anything to do with Org. (If you make
> your browser window narrow enough or use a phone, even the RST, asciiDoc and
> other examples you gave will horizontal-scroll, too!)

yes, and I would have never made this point had you not insisted on starting an
off topic conversation.

> You said you want to “deal with” long links in Org. But your example HTML file
> linked to has nothing to do with Org syntax AFAICT—it’s just a file that
> happens to horizontally scroll when viewed as source on GitHub.

again you seems to be totally missing the point here.

i can set my paragraphs to be single line as youve suggested. and with org mode
files, even GitHub will render them correctly.

But as you can imagine, I dont only work with Org Mode files. I also work with
Python files, Go, Dart and a number of other types. And none of these other
types get the wrapping on GitHub. So in order to have the best result across all
my files, I prefer to do hard wrapping. That is easy enough to handle in all
cases except the one ive presented in the original post.

The one that youve yet to address directly. Now again I dont wish to discuss or
get into further the merits of hard wrapping vers soft. So perhaps you can take
that discussion elsewhere and keep this on topic.

Next we know you will say why someone is using spaces over tabs, or emac over
vim, or red over blue bikeshed. Stop.

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