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Re: TODO or checkboxes in org tables

From: Axel Kielhorn
Subject: Re: TODO or checkboxes in org tables
Date: Sun, 3 May 2020 09:05:25 +0200

> Am 02.05.2020 um 21:33 schrieb Uwe Brauer <address@hidden>:
>>>> "AK" == Axel Kielhorn <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi Alex,
> I am not sure my first answer made it, so I apologize for a possible
> crossposting.

It didn’t reach me.

> A last question, which the command to generate the table
> org-insert-dblock:columnview ?

I’m using:


Inserting via


Section A.6 [Dynymic Blocks]

does not work.

The command is available in the menu <Org><TAGS and Properties>

The manual (7.5.3) says

C-c C-x i (org-insert-columns-dblock)
Insert a dynamic block capturing a column view. Prompt for the scope or ID of 
the view.

That does not work for me.

Emacs says:

org-insert-columns-dblock is an alias for `org-columns-insert-dblock'.


This function is obsolete since Org 9.0;
use ‘org-columns-insert-dblock’ instead.

For more information check the manuals.

Create a dynamic block capturing a column view table.

C-c C-x i is undefined for me.

I’m sending a bug report in a separate mail.

Greetings Axel

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