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[PATCH 0/4] dynamic block-related fixes

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: [PATCH 0/4] dynamic block-related fixes
Date: Tue, 5 May 2020 00:15:18 -0400

Axel Kielhorn writes:

> while exchanging mails with Uwe Brauer I discovered some errors in the manual:
> 7.5.3 Capturing column view
> links to 
> A.6 Dynamic Blocks
> which describes
> org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock
> But this commands does not know about columnview

It does, but it will only offer "columnview" as an option until after
org-colview.el is loaded.

> Further down it says:
> C-c C-x i (org-insert-columns-dblock)
> Insert a dynamic block capturing a column view. Prompt for the scope or ID of 
> the view.
> This binding does not exist for me, "C-c C-x i" is undefined.
> Should it be defined?

It was removed in 34b71a0ca (Add a dispatcher command for inserting
dynamic blocks, 2018-12-23), but the manual wasn't adjusted.

> There is no key binding for clocktable.
> (Well, the manual (8.4.2) says „C-c C-x C-r“ is a binding, but my emacs 
> disagrees.)[*]

Same here.

> The commands
> org-insert-columns-dblock
> is obsolete, the new commands is
> org-columns-insert-dblock

True, that should have been updated in 3debe06bd (Rename
`org-insert-columns-dblock' into `org-columns-insert-dblock',

> The command is available in the menu:
> <Org><TAGS and Properties>
> It would be nice to have this information in the manual as well.
> [*] While comparing columnview and clocktable I discovered that C-c C-x x 
> clocktable doesn’t work either.
> The command to create a clocktable (org-clock-report) is available in the 
> menu as well.

The follow series (in particular the first and third patch) hopefully
resolves the above issues.  I think it should remove the need for this
last point, as 'C-c C-x x' should offer clocktable and columnview
candidates even before the associated library is loaded.

base-commit: f3c137a69797b0432db4dd887c547b2d69c4ed4d

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