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Re: Manual 7.5.3 Capturing column view outdated

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Manual 7.5.3 Capturing column view outdated
Date: Sat, 23 May 2020 15:49:19 +0000

Bastien writes:

> Axel Kielhorn <address@hidden> writes:
>> while exchanging mails with Uwe Brauer I discovered some errors in
>> the manual:
> just a note to say it has been fixed by Kyle a while ago:
> https://code.orgmode.org/bzg/org-mode/commit/861ffb31
> Sorry if a confirmation has already been sent, I could not find it in
> the list.

Downstream of the message to which you've replied, there were a few
patches along with a review by Axel.  I'm not sure why they're not
showing up on your end, but I can see them in the places I've checked:

  gmane.io nntp via Gnus

Anyway, thanks for pointing to the commit.  It's better to have extra
confirmation than no confirmation :)

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