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Org-Mode as DSL

From: Mauro Mandracchia
Subject: Org-Mode as DSL
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 22:12:17 +0100

Hi everybody ūüĎč
This is my first message to the community, let me first state, I love org-mode.
Thanks to the authors and the contributors!
I use org-mode everyday, but I don't want to bore you with my stories about how org-mode facilitates my life, just ask if you are interested.

I believe that org-mode is the most powerful toolset that can leverage documentation and code.
I also love literate programming and I've found nothing like org-mode for it.

I think that org-mode adoption is mainly found in academic and personal context and rarely in commercial organizations.
Too often I see myself being forced to use Markdown for project documentation and miss all the features that org-mode could have offered to the entire project and not just the documentation.

The main reason why I can't use org-mode at work is that my colleagues don't all use emacs.

What I miss is an DSL for Org-Mode, like HTML does, and that other editors or IDE would implement his functions, a bit like the browsers do.

If org-mode could be embeddable in different runtimes I could imagine HTTP services implemented for org-mode, and I think of tools like Jupyter or Observable could be built on the org-mode standards.
I have many other implementation details and use cases that I would like to share, but can be a bit too much for introducing the topic.

Is it a crazy idea if Org-Mode could become a DSL rather than a mode for emacs?

Best Regards,

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