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Re: Org-Mode as DSL

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: Org-Mode as DSL
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 11:35:43 +0000
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On Thursday, 29 Oct 2020 at 22:12, Mauro Mandracchia wrote:
> Is it a crazy idea if Org-Mode could become a DSL rather than a mode for
> emacs?

It's not a crazy idea but one which misses one of the best features of
org mode: it is part of Emacs.  For me, a markup language is not so
exciting: we have plenty of them.  What makes org mode powerful is that
it is infinitely customizable by being part of Emacs.  I can add code,
change existing code, advice code, etc.  The org I use is not the org
others use, as a result.

But I'm sure many would love to have org markup understood in many more

My own approach is to ensure I have Emacs with me wherever I go.  Hence
my obsession with palmtop computers... ;-)

: Eric S Fraga via Emacs 28.0.50, Org release_9.4-61-ga88806.dirty

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