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Re: extra space at the end of lines in source

From: Greg Minshall
Subject: Re: extra space at the end of lines in source
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 22:21:37 +0300

hi, Sebastien,

thanks for the reply.  i remember that thread, but obviously i wasn't
paying enough attention.

> The downside is that, unless ~org-src--preserve-indentation~ is `t`,
> when editing a src block, every empty line will be indented with
> spaces (according to ~org-edit-src-content-indentation~ + the
> indentation of the #+begin_src line). I think this is reasonable, but
> perhaps some might disagree.

indeed.  i disagree.  it's long-term emacs behavior to eliminate spaces
at the end of lines, at least in programming modes.  i don't know what
would be involved to keep the fix for the original problem (which i was
also seeing), without adding these extra spaces.  but, i suspect it
would be worth it, if feasible.

cheers, Greg

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