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Re: extra space at the end of lines in source

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: extra space at the end of lines in source
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 16:08:52 +1000
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Greg Minshall <minshall@umich.edu> writes:

> Sébastien Miquel,
> i do think the default should be to *not* add these spaces.  if
> possible.

+1 Org (and Emacs more generally) should not add additional spaces
unless they are required (for example, to make code syntactically
correct) or the user has requested them (by setting a variable/option).

I also think it is reasonable to assume that if you edit a source block
directly in the org file (i.e. not using C-c '), you don't get the
language specific formatting you would expect when editing the source in
either a dedicated source buffer or with C-c '. Editing source in a
source block without using C-c ' is ok for simple edits, but for
anything more complex or requiring language specific formatting etc, C-c
' should be used. 

Tim Cross

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