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Re: citations: org-cite vs org-ref 3.0

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: citations: org-cite vs org-ref 3.0
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 21:41:52 +0700
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On 21/03/2022 22:19, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
On Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 10:41 AM Max Nikulin wrote:

A bit of routine work will alleviate some user issues:
- add missed styles

The initial list of style-command mappings was pretty comprehensive,
but we left out some of the more obscure biblatex commands because
unsure if they were needed, or how best to add them (conceptually
there's a mix of different kinds of commands in biblatex, which are
hard to fit into a more general style system, for example).

Since then:

- people have occasionally asked to add new mappings, and Nicolas has added them
- he's also added the styles defcustoms for biblatex, so users can do
this themselves

In short, I think we're good on this actually.

John Kitchin, this thread, Sun, 20 Mar 2022 20:31:29 -0400. m2sfrc149c.fsf@andrew.cmu.edu:">https://list.orgmode.org/m2sfrc149c.fsf@andrew.cmu.edu:

I don't know the equivalent of \citenum in CSL.

From my point of view it may be a reason to add a new style to defaults. It is important whether a tool works out of the box. Custom variables make a document less portable unless they are specified as file-local ones. I think, the goal may be formulated as "John can not say the following any more" (at least in respect to citations leaving aside cross-references):

I simply cannot
compromise on the capability org-ref provides me, or wait for an
alternative complete solution in org-mode.

On the other hand I do not consider the following argument as a strong one

I do not like the abstraction away from LaTeX cite commands in org-cite.
This is an example of a compromise between LaTeX and CSL.

despite I believe that convenience and habits are important. Mapping of styles to commands is just a piece of knowledge.

I have no particular opinion if enough efforts should be invested from both sides to allow mixing on both citation syntax constructs (org-cite and org-ref) in the same document. Bruce, you made a lot for support of CSL in org-cite, so I will stressed another direction of feature comparison since Bib(La)TeX users should feel themselves first-class citizens.

The choice between org-ref and org-cite, when the former can do its job, should be matter of taste and personal preferences unrelated to technical limitations.

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