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Re: [emms-help] New emms-volume-amixer-raise and emms-volume-mode

From: Martin Schoenmakers
Subject: Re: [emms-help] New emms-volume-amixer-raise and emms-volume-mode
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 02:26:21 +0100
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(Author note: Re-send to the list, rather than just to Ye Wenbin, and
correcting myself on what function to bind to.)

"Ye Wenbin" <address@hidden> writes:

> In fact, I'm not like a minor mode to change volume. I often change
> volume  when I am not in playlist, so If I want use global key to
> change the  volume, instead of bind to emms-volume-raise or
> emms-volume-lower, I have  to bind the key to emms-volume-minor mode,
> which doesn't change the volume  at the first call, then use '-' or
> +' to make a change.

You seem to be using it wrong. You bind a global key to
emms-volume-mode-plus and emms-volume-mode-minus (not the raise/lower
functions, my bad), (like for me they're on C-c e + and C-c e -) and
after that for 2 seconds (or whatever time you choose) it activates the
minor mode /in addition/ to the first change. So the difference between
that and using what you did is that mine uses a timeout and yours uses a
keypress other than +/- to exit. I change volume all the time from
non-playlist buffers as well, and the way I set it up works perfectly
for me. If I look away for a moment, it leaves the volume mode, so I
don't accidentally change the volume when I look back, say.

> I like the way in emms-volume-amixer, which exit the volume changing
> state  by look up the input event in
> emms-volume-amixer-raise/lower-commands. I  think emms-volume-amixer
> only have to define the function  emms-volume-amixer-sset-master, and
> in emms-volume, define the command
> emms-volume-raise like emms-volume-amixer-raise.

Used correctly, emms-volume-mode-plus/minus (not the raise/lower
functions, my bad) work almost the same, except timeout vs keypress
based. The minor mode isn't meant to be activated directly by the user,
merely to be used for the keymap to be in effect only temporarily. In
any case, I still recommend that if you /really/ want to use your
system, please put it in emms-volume as an alternative to the timeout
based version, instead of breaking the current implementation and
changing what's meant to be back end code.

> On Fri, 08 Dec 2006 07:36:44 +0800, Martin Schoenmakers
> <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Recent changes to emms-volume-amixer-raise (basically duplicating
>> emms-volume-mode except using a slightly different method) makes the
>> function unsuitable for use with the volume mode. I /think/ the change
>> [...]
>> Greetings,
>> Martin 'Aiviru' Schoenmakers
> -- 
> Regard,
>         -- Ye Wenbin

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