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[fluid-dev] Thanks to Peter Hanappe!

From: Mikhail Ramendik
Subject: [fluid-dev] Thanks to Peter Hanappe!
Date: 10 Apr 2003 01:05:11 +0400


Just wanted to say...

I am *very* thankful to Peter Hanappe for the great thing that
fluidsynth is. 

I'm only starting on PC MIDI audio (having married a musician lady), and
I decided to start on Linux at once. Well, the first step was to use the
PC as a synth with the MIDI keyboard - and this step is now past. It

Well there may be problems, and there already were and probably will be
questions, as I try to get on to Rosegarden, several tracks, probably
non-realtime final rendering (my CPU, AMD Duron 650, might fail on over
3 tracks at once), etc. But before all that - THANKS PETER! 

Sincerely yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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