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[fluid-dev] Re: [PATCH] Updated requested changes to FluidSynth-ADDENDUM

From: S. Christian Collins
Subject: [fluid-dev] Re: [PATCH] Updated requested changes to FluidSynth-ADDENDUM
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 15:22:42 -0500
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Dear FluidSynth developers,

I have found another bug that I would like to add to my official bug report.  Here is the updated report:

The bug discovered is listed under item 6: Modulator Transform Calculation Errors.

You can also download a copy of the code with all the changes already made from here:

The only change mentioned in my report that is not a part of the linked source code is Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas' Windows patch.


S. Christian Collins wrote:

Dear FluidSynth developers,

I have updated the compilation of changes that I have made to the FluidSynth code.  Please disregard my previous report (20080711_changes.pdf), as it is now outdated.  You can view the changes in PDF format by downloading from this link:


I would like to propose that these changes be implemented in the next version of FluidSynth (1.0.9?). I would like to publish SoundFonts designed for FluidSynth, but my SoundFonts will require some of these changes in order to function 100% as designed. I hope you will agree that these changes are for the better of FluidSynth and consider their inclusion in the project.

I cannot take full credit for these changes, however, as I had an audio programmer make the actual changes to the code (I just told him what needed to be changed).  The programmer, however, prefers to remain anonymous.

Thank You,
S. Christian Collins

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