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[fluid-dev] Using Qsynth 0.3.3 in Windows with MIDI Yoke

From: Graham Goode
Subject: [fluid-dev] Using Qsynth 0.3.3 in Windows with MIDI Yoke
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 15:39:57 +0200


I'm looking for information regarding the windows version of
fluidsynth, particularly the use of winmidi devices. In the Qsynth
0.3.3 [bundled with fluidsynth 1.0.8 (patched)] settings screen one
selects the MIDI driver - winmidi, and then there is a text box for
the MIDI device. Leaving the MIDI device blank or inserting the word
'default' works, linking fluidsynth with the 'In From MIDI Yoke: 1'
port. How does one select another MIDI port using the MIDI device text
box? What are the winmidi options that can be used? If I insert 'In
>From MIDI Yoke: 2' I get an error message... any ideas would be

Johannesburg, South Africa

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