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[fluid-dev] FluidSynth 1.1.0 "A More Solid Fluid" released!

From: josh
Subject: [fluid-dev] FluidSynth 1.1.0 "A More Solid Fluid" released!
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 12:15:45 -0800
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On behalf of the FluidSynth development team, I'm happy to announce the release of FluidSynth 1.1.0 "A More Solid Fluid". This is the result of a 6 month development cycle and is the most significant release since 1.0.0.

FluidSynth is a software wavetable synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specification.


New features and changes:
* Extensive work on making FluidSynth more thread safe, resulting in better stability. * Audio file rendering for MIDI to audio file conversion, faster than realtime (#15). * Optional libsndfile support for file rendering in different audio file formats (wav, flac, ogg vorbis, etc) (#30).
 * Audio and MIDI are synchronized for MIDI file playback.
 * Server can be specified for Jack audio and MIDI drivers.
 * Jack audio and MIDI is now synchronized (when same Jack server used).
* MIDI file playback is now timed correctly, even with large audio buffer sizes. * Fixed issue with missing percussion in MIDI files caused by very short notes, using synth.min-note-length setting (#1). * Improved support for MIDI tuning standard, including SYSEX support and realtime tuning activation. * Multi-core support for utilizing multiple CPUs for synthesis or increasing speed of file rendering.
 * Voices for a note-on event are started synchronously (#46).
 * TCP/IP shell server support for windows (#20).
* Improved settings output (-o help) (alphabetically sorted and string options listed). * Audio driver (-a) and MIDI driver (-m) options now accept "help" and list available options (#41). * Added audio.realtime-prio and midi.realtime-prio for controlling realtime scheduling of some audio and MIDI drivers. * Default priority levels of audio and MIDI threads set to 60 and 50 respectively. * All yes/no string boolean settings converted to integer toggle settings (with backwards compatibility).
 * glib is now a required dependency.
 * Updated README-OSX
* Added "voice_count" shell command for getting current number of active voices.

New command line options:
 -F, --fast-render=[file]
 -T, --audio-file-type
 -O, --audio-file-format
 -E, --audio-file-endian

New or changed parameters:
* Audio file output settings: audio.file.endian, audio.file.format, audio.file.name, audio.file.type, audio.sample-format
 * Realtime scheduling settings: audio.realtime-prio, midi.realtime-prio
 * Jack settings: audio.jack.server and midi.jack.server
* Other settings: player.reset-synth, player.timing-source, synth.cpu-cores (experimental), synth.min-note-length

Bug fixes and minor changes:
 * Fixed enabling of high priority scheduling in many audio drivers.
 * Fixed bank selection logic
 * Build fixes for mingw and VC++ builds on Windows
* Fix default values (after MIDI reset) to be more consistent with MIDI spec (#29).
 * Removed VintageDreamsWaves-v2.sf2 since it wasn't under a free license.
 * Solaris build fix (#52)
 * Implemented fluid_player_set_loop (#33)
 * Fixed scaletune error (#26)
 * Fixed synth reset between songs (#31)
 * Fixed pitch bend error in Windows MIDI driver (#54)
 * Skip remaining track data in MIDI file after EOT (#53)
* Bug fix in MIDI router where mutex was left locked with MIDI system reset message.
 * Help command now shows list of topics instead of General help.
 * Fixed non-blocking in alsa_raw, alsa_seq and OSS MIDI drivers.
 * Fixed segfault on config file load (#45).

Changes affecting developers:
 * Developer API docs overhauled and now very complete.
* Lots of code cleanup in fluid_synth.c, fluid_chorus.c, fluid_reverb.c and fluid_chan.c.
 * Improved use of settings hints for all settings.
 * char * arguments changed to const char * for many function prototypes.
 * Many new API functions.

See "Whats new in 1.1.0?" section in developer API documentation for more details:

Josh Green
David Henningsson
Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Ebrahim Mayat

And many others!

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