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Re: [fluid-dev] Supported Wave/Flac format other than SF2

From: BCA @ Free-Artists
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Supported Wave/Flac format other than SF2
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 10:15:44 +0100
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In certain points, I don't understand the initial posting. One thing is clear to me - he doesn't want to construct a soundfonts ("Going by SF2 is going to be hard for developer to implement new soundfont"). It appears he wants just to import sample files on button press, and start playing them. That means for FS, the sample player shall construct the soundfonts.

E. g., I'm not quite sure why *wave* support shall be added to FluidSynth. SF2 is based on wave data files. Nowadays, we're able to import 24bit wave samples into the soundfonts, so the sound quality as such cannot be the reason for that request. So that is an obvious misinterpretation.

I can understand the request for flac format, since it is lossless (compared with wave), and saves about the half of hard disk space. It might even be, once in future, FLAC will replace wave (if the CD industry allows for this ;-).

FluidSynth is soundfonts player only, so in regards of FS, a request can be only, to enable soundfonts contruction from native flac sample files (IIRC Swami has planned so for future). FluidSynth as such could be made fit for reading such soundfonts, indeed. But in that case, it would be at least frome equivalent interest (in my eyes), to support soundfonts files based on Ogg Vorbis or a similar HQ compression format. This would be a real improvement, since the soundfonts could be reduced impressively in file size, while keeping HQ sound.

David, does FS support playing soundfonts in a bit-ness higher than 16-bit? Another question in regards of FS, would be support for up to 96-bit soundfonts.

I've never seen any soundfonts where the constructor has has fully reached the sf2 format's potential, and my point of view is that soundfonts are future safe.


Am 04.02.2015 um 20:53 schrieb David Henningsson:

On 2015-01-31 07:36, James Lei wrote:
Going by SF2 is going to be hard for developer to implement new
soundfont, Native Instrument has supported Wav and Flac files and there
are plenty audio loops (http://www.producerloops.com) on the web.

FluidSynth should consider implement support for these improvement.

I'm not sure if wave and FLAC files makes much sense for FluidSynth. You would still need some kind of framework to tell how these wave files should be played depending on what note you press and how hard, etc. And the SF2 file format is just such a framework.

As for other frameworks (such as SFZ), I think it would be nice if we could support that. But it would be substantial effort to implement that; hence nobody has attempted it so far. Also, if we would bring more than SF2 in, I'd like more people to chime in as well.

// David

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