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[fluid-dev] [ fluid-dev ] How to set up mpe like behaviour?

From: Muziker Mammoth
Subject: [fluid-dev] [ fluid-dev ] How to set up mpe like behaviour?
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 01:17:55 +0800

I'm trying to send individual pitchbends to the channels of fluidsynth, where each channel should respond individually to pitchbends instead of one global pitchbend. This is to facilitate some microtonal experimentation.The mpe spec allows this to happen because each channel of the instrument can do individual pitch bends of any user specified semitone range.
I've tried to do thisĀ  ` setbasicchannels x 3 1` for all 16 channels, but they don't seem to respond to individual pitch bends. Is there something i'm missing? The manual says the user can set individual pitch band ranges per channel, so i was thinking it could do this.


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