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Re: [fluid-dev] fluid-dev Digest, Vol 213, Issue 6

From: Muziker Mammoth
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluid-dev Digest, Vol 213, Issue 6
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2021 00:55:52 +0800

> Are you sure that each channels are set to the same instrument ?
Yes they are the same instruments. The select commands all point to the same instrument, as can be seen by the set of commands i've posted.
> 1)Retry without feeding any command on startup
At the very least, the soundfont needs to be loaded though, and the `select ` commands need to be used because the fluidR3 default loadup has one channel set to standard kit while everything else is the yamaha grand. 
> 2)Try only noteon commands only on 2 different channels(i.e 0 and 1).
I want to be able to pitch bend on 16 channels, so using 0 and 1 isn't an option. Still, using 0 and 1 seems fine, but as i said all other channels alternate between loud and soft.
By the way i use pure data to control the midi input to fluidsynth, so there's nothing on the midi end of things that will function randomly.

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