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Re: [fluid-dev] fluid-dev Digest, Vol 213, Issue 6

From: Marcus Weseloh
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluid-dev Digest, Vol 213, Issue 6
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2021 21:10:35 +0200

Am So., 25. Apr. 2021 um 19:23 Uhr schrieb Muziker Mammoth
> Found out why there's this weird interaction on the different channels. It 
> appears the default router configuration is soft keypress on alternate 
> channels. Not sure what that achieves, but deleting the router configuration 
> and setting up my own helps.
> So no bugs, everything's working fine.

That sounds strange. If the default router config is really causing
this, then I would consider it a bug. But to be honest... I can't see
how this could be. The default router simply routes all MIDI messages
Can you give us the router config you have configured?


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