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[fluid-dev] What is MIDI driver?

From: Nikolay Shaplov
Subject: [fluid-dev] What is MIDI driver?
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 12:49:46 +0300

Hi! I am writing a HowTo article about using MIDI keyboard on my distro. (I am 
trying to write down all things, when it took me a while to figure them out)

And while writing I understand, that I do not understand what MIDI driver (one 
that is specified via -m option) actually do. (And why I chosen alsa_seq in my 

Isn't MIDI devices are somehow a standard thing? This driver "converts" what 
into what?

Hope it's OK to ask this question here. If I got an answer I will manage to 
write better and clearer documentation.

Nikolay Shaplov aka Nataraj
Fuzzing Engineer at Postgres Professional
Matrix IM: @dhyan:nataraj.su

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