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Re: [Freefont-bugs] FreeSerif.ttf on RedHat 7.3 - corrupted characters

From: Josef W. Segur
Subject: Re: [Freefont-bugs] FreeSerif.ttf on RedHat 7.3 - corrupted characters
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 11:06:59 -0400

On 15 May 02, at 15:18, Primoz wrote:

> On Tue, 14 May 2002, Josef W. Segur wrote:
> > The 14 May versions of FreeSans, FreeSansBold, FreeSerif, and
> > FreeSerifBold still give the same problems on Windows 95. The other
> > eight fonts still work well.
> > I've found one good correlation; the four fonts which give problems
> > have a .notdef glyph with no contours, the eight fonts which work
> > well all have the usual 'empty box' shape for that glyph. I don't
> > know if importing that would fix the Windows problem, but it seems
> > worth trying.
> The explicit ".notdef" characters have been messing up the tables before,
> so indeed it is worth trying. I have deleted the ".notdef" from the files
> you named, re-generated TrueType files and uploaded them to the
> <>. Please give them a try.
All Win95 apps which were showing the problem before are OK now, thanks.


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