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[Freetalk-dev] [PATCH] jabber iqs

From: Matthias Quasthoff
Subject: [Freetalk-dev] [PATCH] jabber iqs
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 08:26:48 +0200

The only thing still annoying me were those "unhandled iq" messages
flooding my console. After some looking it seems any iq with type=get is
handled as a disco#info in ft_msg_iq_handler, but later in the same
function even this seems to get reported unhandled. My patch attached to
this mail hopefully improves this behavior. I had to introduce two new
functions ft_msg_iq_version_cb and ft_msg_iq_last_cb in order to handle
the two most frequent queries. I put them into, as they
refer to the application's state. If you think they should go somewhere
else, please tell me.

Two more things I could implement (and which would be reusable for the
jingle branch) are:

- Add libgalago and/or libnotify support, maybe even with avatars. This
is not that interesting for me as long as no one knows if galago
presence integration is to happen in Evolution/Thunderbird at all. 

- Make proud-of-freetalk rely on jabber:iq:version. For this, the
jabber:iq:version result would have to reach proud-of-freetalk.scm some
way. But it would be way more xmpp-ish :-)

What do you think? Thanks,

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