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Re: (Re: cvs commit log)

From: Just van Rossum
Subject: Re: (Re: cvs commit log)
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 19:45:30 +0100

At 6:56 PM +0100 10-02-2000, David Turner wrote:
>Thanks a lot for the pointer. I've spent much time looking at the TTX
>source code, and it's great. By the way, where did you find the specs
>for the TSI0, TSI1, etc.. tables ? Am I right to suppose that they
>are from Visual TrueType ??

Yes. They are documented somewhere (my collegue Petr van Blokland had a
printout of some VTT docs), but I have no clue where it would on line. It's
a pretty messy format (as simple as it is!), but it seems to work.

>Other than that, your is much more advanced than my code.
>I need to learn how to use Regular Expressions too ! (I don't want
>to touch "" right now, because it works as it is, and
>there are other things to finish in the T1 driver..).



(ps/btw. I'm *extremely* happy with the FT scan converter: I use it in an
experimental prototype-oid of RoboFog-the-next-generation for the glyph
editor. I used to use ATM backdoor calls here, but A) ATM doesn't support
antialiasing via that mechanism, B) it sometimes crashes when you feed it
very complex or very large glyphs. (And C) it's commercial software...) The
FT2 scan converter is *so* much better for my purposes!)

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