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Re: symbols in unix dlls (Re: FT2 Mac support)

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: symbols in unix dlls (Re: FT2 Mac support)
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 14:05:08 +0100

> > What was the complaint ? With the command-line build system, "truetype.c" is
> > simply a wrapper that includes all other TrueType C files. This has the 
> > advantage
> > of generating a single object file. Moreover, it eliminates many 
> > inter-module
> > "externs", which is a good thing if you want to compile the driver as a DLL
> > (on Unix, there is no "def" file to specify the DLL entries, all "extern"
> > functions are simply exported publicly, bwaaaa :-()
> FYI...AFAIK (no personal experience yet) recent Solaris (2.6+) tools as
> well as recent GNU tools (probably mimicking Solaris ones) allow to
> specify what symbols are to be exported from the shared object and
> can do other tricks (e.g. multiple interfaces in one binary).
Yes, but this is highly un-portable, isn't it ?

> > I have fixed that in my sources, but it seems I can't commit the changes
> > to the CVS server (????). If anyone knows what the error message :
> >
> >   cvs server: [11:12:08] waiting for uid1006's lock in 
> > /cvsroot/freetype2/src/type1
> >
> > means really, he's welcomed to comment on it..
> This means the directory is already locked by another instance of cvs
> server (or another instance died unexpectedly and did not unlock the
> directory...AFAIK, it is necessary to exterminate the lockfile manually
> in such a situation).
Yes, I just done it to commit the things.. I believe that an instance died,
because I have changed the CVS program wrapper (the one that chroots everything
to death lately), even though I had taken care of disabling inetd before
doing so ??

Thanks for the comment

- David

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