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Weirdness with FT_Alloc [was: OpenType with CFF outlines]

From: Tom Kacvinsky
Subject: Weirdness with FT_Alloc [was: OpenType with CFF outlines]
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 05:07:19 -0400 (EDT)

Not so sure about endianess: reordering the bytes of 4294966855 still 
yields an overly large number: 1207894015 (same number, ulong or long).

That changes, though, if sizeof(long) != 4.  But even with Solaris 7,
unless 64 bit mode is enabled (and the commercial C compiler is used),
sizeof(long) = 4.  I presume it is the same on a Linux box, unless
one is running Linux on an Alpha. ?

Speaking of Alphas, I tried freetype2's latest snapshot on a DEC Unix
box (can't stand the name Tru64 UNIX), and got all kins of unaligned
access errors.  Ghostscript used to get these all of the time, and it
was because of weirdness in memory allocation (returning pointers that
didn't align on an 8 byte boundary).


> Nevertheless, this does not explain why it works on Solaris and fails on
> Linux. Perhaps there is a platform (endian?) dependency hiding elsewhere?
> Reminder: the value of count was very odd: 4294966855 == (ulong) -441.

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