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Re: [Devel] Problems with font naming and Xft

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: [Devel] Problems with font naming and Xft
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 18:44:29 +0100

Hi Owen,

Owen Taylor a écrit :
> I don't have access to the problematical fonts myself; I've asked
> the reporter of the problem if he could try out your fixes and see
> if they resolve his problem.
> Reading through the code, it looks plausible; my one question would be
> whether, if there are no names for the English language ID, should it
> then pick an arbitrary name?
> That is, change:
>  if ( (rec->languageID & 0x3FFF) ) == 0x009 )
> to:
>  if ( found_win == -1 ||
>       (rec->languageID & 0x3FFF) ) == 0x009 )
> Even a bunch of ???? is probably better than returning NULL for the
> font name, and if the font only has, say, a French name, then
> truncation to ASCII will probably produce something identifiable.
You're right, I couldn't imagine a font without an English name entry,
but experience showed me several times that nothing of this sort should
be expected.. I've added your fix to the code..


- David

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