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[Devel] Renaming PfaEdit

From: George Williams
Subject: [Devel] Renaming PfaEdit
Date: 25 Feb 2004 11:39:24 -0800

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 02:05, Turner David wrote:
> By the way, in a similar vain, what about renaming "PfaEdit" to something
> a bit more catchy ? I mean, here's a great program with a very poor, and
> even misleading, name. What about something like "Font Forge", which doesn't
> seem to be taken yet ?
You are right, it should be renamed. Others have told me this too. I
haven't done anything about it partly out of laziness, partly because
there's never been a point where I felt that the program had recently
changed enough to warrant a new name, and partly because I haven't come
up with a good one. I rather like FontForge though...

(At one point PfaEdit was apropos, but it kept accreting features)

Other suggestions
   Font Workbench
        was my favorite for a while (I've never understood why URW
        named their program after the guy who failed to fly, rather
        than the one who succeeded)... but that seemed a bit
        presumptuous (or hubristic I guess would be a better term
        given the context).
        (to match freetype) sounded good, but then I decided that
        people would think it was a public domain font rather than
        an editor.
        sounded amusing, but isn't good advertising.
        (a play on fantastic) has already been used.
        (fanciful) perhaps...
        but that's better for a word processor...

Any suggestions or votes?

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