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[ft-devel] On the impact of installing the next FreeType release on a ty

From: david turner
Subject: [ft-devel] On the impact of installing the next FreeType release on a typical Unix distribution
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 11:38:43 +0100
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Hello everyone,

I'd like to re-activate the debate regarding how we're going to install/name the
next FreeType release in order to avoid some of the ugly problems discussed

As far as I have understood:

* Installing the next release as "" is going to break any rogue client. Even if we provide patches for the most important ones, correct installation remains probably problematic for a typical user. and we don't control what has been compiled/
 installed locally anyway.

* Installing the next release as "" is not going to solve the problem either,

- some programs are going to be linked with both libfreetype6 and libfreetype7

- due to the way ELF dynamic linking works, erratic code paths will be taken,
   resulting in incorrect behaviour or even crashes

- some of this can be avoided if we avoid same-named functions in libfreetype6
   and libfreetype7 (e.g. using the "FT3_" prefix, instead of "FT_"),
   but there are still cases where a program obtains a FT_Face object
   through libfreetype7, then call an internal function in libfreetype6,
   later resulting in a crash.

I am a Linux user too, and believe that this behaviour is simply *unacceptable*.
We thus need a different way to solve this. Given that rogue clients do:

- call internal functions from libfreetype6 that were mistakenly exposed
  by our build system until now

- also peek/poke directly at internal fields of some FreeType objects

we must, and only can, ensure *binary* compatibility by the following:

 - first of all, install the next release as libfreetype6. RIGHT !!

 - provide the previous internal functions, or some *stubs*, in the
   new libfreetype6 library (but not from the installed headers !)

 - ensuring that the internal layout of FreeType objects in the new
   libfreetype6 is *compatible* with the ones in the old libfreetype6
   (at least recent releases, since these have changed already without
   too much problems).

Note that our goal is to prevent *crashes* from already installed applications and libraries, *not* to ensure 100% correct behaviour. In other words, it is ok to "cheat" by ignoring some request made through these "exposed" internal functions
(e.g. returning a not-implemented-error), or fill internal fields with bogus
values. it will depend on context and relative importance of each point.

And of course, the internal headers will _not_ be installed anymore, which means
that the source code of any rogue client shall be updated anyway.

to achieve this, we must:

- immediately freeze development on the current code base

- perform a massive diff between the content of "include/freetype/internal"
 between the 2.1.10 release and the current CVS, and study how we can stub
 each type, field and function defined here.

- do the required modifications, encapsulating each of the "old" internals
 in a configuration macro (e.g. FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS)

- test, test, test, on existing installations. Preferabbly ones with old releases
 of fontconfig/libXft/Pango/Qt/etc...

- release something stable as early as possible.

Any comments ?

- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (

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