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[ft-devel] otvalid modules

From: George Williams
Subject: [ft-devel] otvalid modules
Date: 07 Aug 2007 15:06:45 -0700

I am working on a validator for the MATH table to slot it in to otvalid.

I noticed that if the version number of the GDEF table is unknown it
raises FT_INVALID_FORMAT, but if the version number of GSUB is unknown
FT_INVALID_DATA is raised. Does this matter? I wasn't sure which to
raise for the math table.

I did not wish to change the API, but the OT validator currently has
arguments in which all the other tables are returned. The result is that
MATH is a second class citizen -- it gets validated, but not returned.

This has been tested on a total of one font, because I've only got one
font. It was also tested on FontForge's output on an additional 2 fonts,
but I'm not sure that means anything (Since I wrote both I might have
made the same mistakes both places -- I did take pains not to refer to
my previous work when writing this, however).

It tarball contains:
   1) A patch to ftvalid in ft2demos
   2) A patch to include/freetype
   3) A patch to src/otvalid
   4) otvmath.c which should go into src/otvalid

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