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Question about FT_Var_Axis

From: Akira TAGOH
Subject: Question about FT_Var_Axis
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2022 17:48:02 +0900


Well, this may be a dumb question.
I'm reading the API doc for FT_Var_Axis[1]. they say:

The fields minimum, def, and maximum are 16.16 fractional values for
TrueType GX and OpenType variation fonts. For Adobe MM fonts, the
values are integers.

Does this mean those variables are represented as 16.16 fractional
numbers or integers in some cases? If so, how can I recognize if it is
GX/OpenType fonts or Adobe MM fonts?

Someone reported Apple's SF Pro font has wider kerning after the
following code added to fontconfig:

                switch (master->axis[i].tag)
                case FT_MAKE_TAG ('o','p','s','z'):
                if (!FcPatternObjectAddDouble (pat, FC_SIZE_OBJECT,
master->axis[i].def / (double) (1U << 16)))
                    goto bail1;

So I'm wondering if they may have opsz in integers.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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