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Re: [Geiser-users] Documentation errors in geiser/doc/cheat.texi

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] Documentation errors in geiser/doc/cheat.texi
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 19:45:33 +0100
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On Fri, Jan 07 2011, Mark Harig wrote:

> In geiser/doc/cheat.texi:
> 1. In the Scheme buffers section, the following two lines describe the
>    key bindings M-TAB and M-`/C-., respectively:
> @item M-TAB
> @tab geiser-completion--complete-symbol
> @tab Complete identifier at point
> @item M-`, C-.
> @tab geiser-completion--complete-module
> @tab Complete module name at point
> The double hyphen is replaced with a single hyphen in the generated
> .info file, so the resulting Info text reads as follows:
> M-TAB        geiser-completion-complete-symbolComplete identifier at
> point
> M-`, C-.       geiser-completion-complete-moduleComplete module name
> at point
> My guess is that the texinfo file has to be updated to get it to
> generate two consecutive hypens instead of "helpfully" deleting one.
> Also, the description of M-TAB should corrected because there is no
> symbol
> ending in the string '-complete-symbol' in the Geiser Elisp sources:
> $ cd geiser/elisp
> $ grep  -e '-complete-symbol'  *.el

Right. The function is completion-at-point. I've fixed that.

> (The problem of the missing second hyphen occurs in numerous other
> places in the Info version of the Geiser documentation.  I'm not sure
> how to
> fix this since Texinfo says that this is expected behavior: three are
> reduced
> to two and two are reduced to one.  See node: (texinfo) Conventions.
> Can it be fixed in Info without breaking it in Tex/PDF or HTML?)

I've fixed the issue by displaying those geiser-*--* instances using
@code{}, which does not play tricks with the number of hyphens. I
haven't been able to find any instance of double hyphens outside of
cheat.texi, though: were you referring to those or am i missing

> 2. In the REPL section, the following lines describe the TAB/S-TAB/M-TAB
>    key bindings:
> @item TAB
> @tab geiser-completion--tab
> @tab Complete, indent or go to next error
> @item S-TAB (backtab)
> @tab geiser-completion--previous-error
> @tab Go to previous error in the REPL buffer
> @item M-TAB
> @tab geiser-completion--complete-symbol
> @tab Complete identifier at point
> Using C-h k in a (guile) REPL, the following key bindings are described
> instead:
> TAB is bound to `geiser-repl--tab'
> S-TAB is bound to `geiser-repl--previous-error'
> M-TAB is bound to `geiser-repl--tab'

Fixed. Actually, M-TAB is now bound to completion-at-point.

> The comma in "Complete, indent or go to next error" should be deleted or
> moved after the word "indent", and M-TAB should have the same
> description as TAB, correct?

Hmm, no. The intended meaning is that the key either completes OR
indents OR goes to next error (depending on context); i.e., the sentence
is fo the form "A, B or C" and i'd say the comma is in the right place,
isn't it?

> 3. In the REPL section, the following lines describe the C-c C-d C-i
>    key binding:
> @item C-c C-d C-i
> @tab geiser-doc-look-up-manual
> @tab Look up manual for symbol at point
> This key binding does not appear to be in effect.

True. I've removed it from the documentation.

> M-x where-is
> Where is command: geiser-doc-look-up-manual
> geiser-doc-look-up-manual is not on any key
> Thanks for your attention.

Thanks a lot for yours.

If all else fails read the instructions. - Donald Knuth

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