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Re: [Geiser-users] Documentation errors in geiser/doc/cheat.texi

From: Mark Harig
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] Documentation errors in geiser/doc/cheat.texi
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 14:39:41 -0500

> (The problem of the missing second hyphen occurs in numerous other
> places in the Info version of the Geiser documentation. I'm not
> how to
> fix this since Texinfo says that this is expected behavior: three
> reduced
> to two and two are reduced to one.  See node: (texinfo) Conventions.
> Can it be fixed in Info without breaking it in Tex/PDF or HTML?)

I've fixed the issue by displaying those geiser-*--* instances using
@code{}, which does not play tricks with the number of hyphens. I
haven't been able to find any instance of double hyphens outside of
cheat.texi, though: were you referring to those or am i missing

I think that was all.

> The comma in "Complete, indent or go to next error" should be
deleted or
> moved after the word "indent", and M-TAB should have the same
> description as TAB, correct?

Hmm, no. The intended meaning is that the key either completes OR
indents OR goes to next error (depending on context); i.e., the
is fo the form "A, B or C" and i'd say the comma is in the right
isn't it?

Yes.  My reading of it was incorrect.  I had read it as "Complete
indent[ation] or go to next error."

For more clarity, I would add a comma after "indent" as well.  As I
understand the history, the second comma has been left out of printed
text because newspapers found that it saved them a lot of ink.  So,
instead of "a, b, and c" they would write "a, b and c."  Ink isn't a
concern here and clarity is more important.

If all else fails read the instructions. - Donald Knuth

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