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Re: GNU-hosted F-Droid repository for freedom-reviewed Android applicati

From: J. R. Haigh
Subject: Re: GNU-hosted F-Droid repository for freedom-reviewed Android applications written in GForth?
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2020 16:39:31 +0100

Hi Bernd, all,
        What do you think about a separate F-Droid repository? (See: )

At 2020-08-03Mon16:15:53+02, Bernd Paysan sent:
> Am Montag, 3. August 2020, 16:09:27 CEST schrieb J. R. Haigh:
> > Why is Gradle required if this is not a Gradle build? Why is the Android 
> > SDK required if this is an NDK build? Could dependency on Gradle or the 
> > Android SDK be removed?
> No, in the end, you need to compile this some hundred lines long Java 
> program, and package the whole thing as apk or app bundle.  And that's what 
> Gradle/SDK does.

Okay. At least there are freedom-reviewed packages of the Android SDK 
available. Debian has packaged most of it since about 2017 
( ), and 
there also seem to be some android-* packages in GNU Guix 
( ), but no ‘android-sdk’ as of yet.

> > […] Is there an easy way to centrally-specify the package-name in your 
> > GForth build method?
> I think the mess goes down a bit, but maybe needs a bit more work to make it 
> easier.

Right. The idea is to make it easier to fork without forks conflicting with 
each other. If I get going with programming Android applications in GForth then 
I'll have a go centralising the package-name again, as I did 8 years ago. 
Iirc., I think that I might have gone as far as adding the settings file 
containing the package-name to the Git exclusion list such that the 
package-name is not even in the repository, and other developers therefore have 
to set the package-name before building. And as the exclusion list was 
committed, this policy would perpetuate unless explicitly changed. My 
implementation was clunky, though; I think that its Ant build preprocessor 
script constructed a temporary copy of the source tree with the package-name 
inserted in the various places.

Best regards,
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