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[Gnash-dev] Saved media not quite right; youtube nits

From: John Gilmore
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Saved media not quite right; youtube nits
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 06:27:47 -0800

By copying the plugin to /usr/share/ubufox/plugins, I was able to
get Ubuntu's firefox to see it.  (I guess they configure this
directory in the .dsc file for the Ubuntu packages.)

The Gnash plugin's About box needs a 2009 copyright update.
Also gnash --version.  (Anyplace else?  The documentation?)

It does indeed create saved media files when I go to youtube.  Great!
But totem is unable to play those files, reporting:

  ** Message: Error: Internal data stream error.
  gstflvdemux.c(528): gst_flv_demux_loop (): /play/decodebin1/flvdemux1:
  stream stopped, reason error

Perhaps the saved stream isn't quite a valid FLV file?

I tried to get it to save an MPEG4 by going to the Internet Archive, e.g.:

But gnash doesn't succeed in running the Archive's flash player (I
didn't diagnose why).

Perhaps the saved media should have a filename extension based on
the codec type (e.g. "get_video12.flv").

As an aside, a few bugs in the youtube player:

  *  The youtube movie's fullscreen button doesn't go full screen.  But
     gnash can clearly do it, since the Gnash "Toggle full screen"
     menu item works.

  *  After a video is done, the subwindow gets a frequently refreshing
     view of two other available videos.  However, you can't click on
     these to go to the video.  And there's a problem with the visibility
     of the static photo shown from the video -- it comes in, fades
     to black as the video titles paint, stays black, and then suddenly
     reappears as the title display fades out.


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