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Re: Phones getting killed when using smsd

From: docydoc
Subject: Re: Phones getting killed when using smsd
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 21:23:42 +0200


> Could it be that the smsd is somehow able to overload the flash chip?
> For example by continuously querying the phone memory for messages or
> somehow activating flash write while polling for messages? Or could it
> be possible that some event (communication failure or something like
> that) would put smsd in a mode where it would go in infinite loop
> reading, erasing or writing phone message slots?

Possible in theory. Don't know about smsd - maybe a log file for every write
will reveal that?

According to different manufactures EEPROM cells have a life cycle of upto 1
erase/writes with at least 5ms access time. That means 83 minutes of continous
to one and the same cell (IMHO unlikely).

btw: a skilled person can "easily" change the flash chip (of that 7110), even if
it's BGA
or uBGA. I did already just with a hot flow rework tool and some soldering paste
(I apply it
with a finger tip and let it melt so I get almost all ball pins with the same
amount of solder.
I can share my experiences with people who are interested in. Just email.

> Just guessing here but I will try to do more testing regarding this
> problem.


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