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SMS Gateway Advice

From: Jon Stethridge
Subject: SMS Gateway Advice
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 14:27:51 -0000

I am setting up a trial SMS > email gateway. I am thinking about using the following:
1. Redhat Linux 9
2. Orange "Pay as You Go" Sim Card
3. Ericsson T68 phone (not T68i)
4. Serial Data Cable (yet to be purchased)
I would be really grateful if anyone could let me know any potential problems. In particularly:
- Has anyone tried using a "pay as you go" sim card from Orange in the UK - does it give enough access? Or are vital ports blocked etc..
- Is it ok using a T68 not a T68i or is there another phone I should purchase cheaply to save any problems.
- Anyone recommend where to get the cable.
Any help much appreciated.

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