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6610i killed by xgnokii

From: Stefan Sassenberg
Subject: 6610i killed by xgnokii
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 10:05:18 +0200
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yesterday I used xgnokii to download some data from my 6610i to my pc. I then tried to close the application which didn't work, so I pressed ctrl-c on the console. When I looked next at my 6610i it was off.

Now, when I try to turn it on, it starts as usual, the display is lit up, the battery power status is shown. But when the animation with the hands starts, the screen just blanks and truns off. The power status is then shown again as if the phone is going to charge the battery, but that vanishes too after a few seconds and the phone is back in off state. It is unusable.

Is there help for my 6610i?



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