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How to properly modify the code in pq.c for smsd

From: Zdeněk Habala
Subject: How to properly modify the code in pq.c for smsd
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 13:35:31 +0200

Dear all, but I think, it is mainly for Jan Derfinak,
I have troubles with compilation of the smsd daemon. I wanted to change the 
behaviour of the smsd daemon (using postgresql) when it is looking for new 
sms-es to be send. Originaly it looks for all not processed sms-es. And it 
could be a great number like 1000 or more. Because I don't want to process all 
of them in one transaction. So I thought that when I change the SQL statement 
in pq.c to something like SELECT * FROM OUTBOX WHERE NOT processed LIMIT 10, 
and it will do the trick. But I don't know, how to compile the smsd with the 
pq.c. I recompiled the smsd, but it is not using the pq.c. I think that there 
is something with the, but i have no idea, how properly I should do 
all the compiling.

Could you please describe the procesess of compiling ?


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