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Nokia new subentry types

From: Dimitris Mandalidis
Subject: Nokia new subentry types
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 14:55:44 +0300
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Hello all,
There are subentry types in Nokia 6125 (and probably in others Series 40
3rd phones) not supported by gnokii. Filling a contact with all
possible entries I came out with the following unsupported octets.

Unsupported subentry types :
0x33 -> 'Image' (appears on the screen when the respective contact calls)
0x2f -> Unmatched
0x47 -> Unmatched
0x46 -> Unmatched
0x3f -> 'PTT'
0x45 -> 'Incoming video'
0x37 -> 'Incoming ringtone'
0x55 -> 'Company name'
0x54 -> 'Company position'
0x52 -> 'Formal name'
0x56 -> 'Nickname'
0x57 -> 'Birthday'
0x4a -> 'Snail mail address'
0x4c -> Unmatched

* Octets 0x2f, 0x47, 0x46 seems that they don't correspond to a particular
  subentry type. They always appear
* Octets 0x45 and 0x37 cannot co-exist.  
* I managed to add 'PTT', 'Company name', 'Company position', 'Formal
  name' and 'Nickname' through modifying common/nokia-decoding.c
  include/gnokii/common.h and gnokii/gnokii-phonebook.c. But there is some
  more work to do with common/ldif.c (LDAP illiterate :( and
  common/gsm-filetypes.c and probable some error checking.
* I attach three patches and the final output. But I 'd want to work to the
  rest subentries. Is there any tool which could dump what it receives from


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