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Re: Nokia new subentry types

From: Dimitris Mandalidis
Subject: Re: Nokia new subentry types
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 20:05:18 +0300
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On Sat, Oct 07, 2006 at 04:47:34PM +0200, Pawel Kot wrote:

> Well, this is a phone specific thing. With 6136 I save first name and
> last name separately but the concatenation is stored also. I am not
> sure if you can store concatenated name itself.

Me too. But when storing in SIM first/last name is not available (probably
due to character limit), when storing in ME first/last name is the case
(same as you).

> >It's a video which is played every time the contact calls.
> Ah, so the replacement for image?

6125 allow to set both video and image but don't allow video and ringtone. 
When video and image are both set, the video is chosen by phone, but this
is a nokia bug :)


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