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BUG REPORT: failed with Chinese charaters (I've fixed it)

From: waterser forrest
Subject: BUG REPORT: failed with Chinese charaters (I've fixed it)
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 16:24:42 +0800

hi all,

  I'm sure I've found a bug.

  I have a Nokia 3100, which needs the same driver with N6510. I downloaded gnokii-0.6.13 and found the the Chinese messages in my cell phone cannot be wholly fetched, instead, some of the messages are truncated to only a half. I read the code and found that there are 2 bytes seem related with the length of the msg block, one of which can be found as `block[3]' in Ln815, common/phones/nk6510.c.

  When I read the raw data of the message, I found that the byte ahead of block[3], which can be read as block[2] in the C code, is the correst length, and this equation is true:

  block[2] = 2 * block[3]

  One weird thing is that sometimes block[2] == block[3], while sometimes block[2] = 2 * block[3]. I guess that block[2] is "How many SYMBOLS are there in the message" and block[3] is "How many BYTES". I cannot find the origin format document about this, so I'm just guessing.

  I changed block[3] into block[2] at Ln815, and I changed Ln714 of nk6510.c like this:

    /*data->raw_sms->dcs = message[5];*/
    if (message[1] == 2) {
        data->raw_sms->dcs = message[6];
    else {
        data->raw_sms->dcs = message[5];

  Then my gnokii runs well.

  I've tested it for a month. It has been ok so far.

Forrest Y. Yu

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