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Re: gnokii and Nokie N95 8GB

From: Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik
Subject: Re: gnokii and Nokie N95 8GB
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 17:38:37 +0200

On 16:54:37 2008-05-06 Arnold Troeger <address@hidden> wrote:
> I thought I'd summarize this thread to sort out my own understanding of 
> the current status of gnokii, gnapplet, and the N95 8GB.
> Gnokii was written to use the FBUS and AT protocols.  The current 
> generation of Nokia phones, the N series phones all(?) use Symbion OS 
> which has no support for FBUS and limited AT command support.  Gnapplet 
> was written to address this change.
> The N95 8GB runs Symbion OS 9.2, S60 rel 3.1.  Gnapplet was written for 
> Symbion S60, and the current version (0.6.2[45]) was written for S60
> rel 2.x. Current attempts to port gnapplet to S60 rel 3.x have not been 
> successful.  Among other things S60 rel 3 requires applications to be 
> digitally signed, but this is not the only issue.
> The current versions of gnokii and gnapplet work somewhat with S60 
> version 3.  However, you must debrand and jailbreak the phone (links
> are here:
> Debranding:
> Jailbreaking:

>  Thank you Andraz!)
> I'm not comfortable doing the above to my phone considering that the 
> functions I'm interested in (phone book & sms) don't work well on S60 
> rel 3 with the current version of gnapplet.

Correction... none 1st or 60nd edition app will work no matter if it is
debranded or jailbroken... this Only bypases the need to have it signed by

Andraž "ruskie" Levstik
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