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Re: gnokii and Nokie N95 8GB

From: Arnold Troeger
Subject: Re: gnokii and Nokie N95 8GB
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 11:20:26 +0700
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Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik wrote:
On 11:23:00 2008-05-03 Arnold Troeger <address@hidden> wrote:
Pawel Kot wrote:

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 10:12 AM, Jari Turkia <address@hidden> wrote:
Arnold Troeger wrote:

I've been doing some research on gnokii and the N95, and haven't
anything much.  Can anyone tell me if they have gnokii working with
the n95, or baring that, what the plans are for getting gnokii
working with it?
 Gnokii on S60 is supported by an application on the mobile end
It seems that the native protocol on a S60 device is not very usable
for anything else except transferring your own handler to the mobile.
To be more specific. gnokii main area of interest are FBUS protocol
and AT protocol. Symbian phones have completly no FBUS support (which
is included only in Nokia phones Series40 and earlier). For unknown
reason Symbian phones have also very limited AT command subset
implemented. Therefore using AT commands you can send SMS, but you
can't read SMS, you can's read/write phonebook or calendar, etc. On
the other hand Symbian supports SyncML and Obex which are not
supported by gnokii.

We have (namely Bozo did) created gnapplet to be able to get from the
phone what we want. gnapplet consists of Symbian application (you need
to install it on the phone and run it every time you want connection)
and gnokii driver which talk using our internal protocol.

However this is not the case for Symbian60 3rd Edition which N95
happens to be. Symbian API completly changed for the 3rd edition and
nobody ported gnapplet (yet). There have been several attempts but all
of them failed (as of now).

What you can get from N95:
 - very limited functionality with gnokii using AT driver
 - access to filesystem using OpenObex tools
 - phonebook, calendar, todo, etc synchronization using Opensync (or
any other SyncML compatible software)

Unfortunately there's no single application to manage such phone.

 Nobody else then me has indicated any interest in developing such
application based on the S60 2nd ed version.
You mean 3rd Edition.

 The problem is that current Gnapplet version (for S60 2nd ed.) has
developed with Linux tools and I have zero experience with them. All
professional Symbian development is based on Windows-tools (which
are freely available on the net). So, unfortunately there are no
results yet.
That's right. Daniele recently started to work on this but he faced
the problem of the self-signing site being down -- 3rd Ed. requires
applications to be digitally signed in order to run.

take care,
Thank you for your reply. So, someone is working on gnapplet for the n95? Is the self-signing site being down the only problem with the porting effort?

Thank you and best regards,

Signing is easily avoided(or reduced to a meaningless thing)... Infact I'd
recommend debranding and jailbreaking (thus breaking any and all Digital
Restrictions Managment facilities for applications) on any n95 device...

This can be dangerous. I take no responsibilities for anything.
Just because it worked for me it doesn't mean it will for anyone

That said I found the entire process of debranding and jailbreaking
easy to do. The important bits:

In case you wan tto debrand it and jailbreak it first debrand it.

Here's some tutorials:


Andraž "ruskie" Levstik
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I've had a look at the links you provide and I've bookmarked them. Yes, it doesn't look too difficult :-). Except for the PC-Suite bit though. I don't have any windows machines at home; they're all Linux. This is what I would have to do to get gnapplet version 0.6.24 working on my n95? How much of gnokii would work once I'd done this? What else would I gain from this, and what would I lose? I'm guessing the phone warranty would be history once I'd done this.

Thank you and best regards,
Arnold Troeger                          
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