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Any interest in an Android version of Gnapplet?

From: Håvard Wigtil
Subject: Any interest in an Android version of Gnapplet?
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 00:39:15 +0200

Hello list,
I've been looking at creating an Android version of Gnapplet. My main motivation is to be able to use Android phones with Gnome Phone Manager (which uses libgnokii), and so far I have an early version that can send SMS through Gnokii or Gnome Phone Manager. A dump of the source so far at (by no means finisjhed, but it works on my two test phones).

Is there any interest in having a more full-featured version of Gnapplet for Android? I see two possible options for the code I've written so far. One is that I continue to write the code for myself, and maybe set up a small project somewhere, the other (if that is something you want) is to make the code a part of Gnokii and maintain it there.

I will continue to work on SMS support, including receiving (which also need changes on the Gnokii side). After I have scratched my relatively small itch I don't think that I'll write any code for the other areas that Gnokii  covers, so it won't see feature parity with Symbian Gnapplet with my contributions alone. But I'd be happy to help maintain the initial code and help others that want to add functionality.

There are also two things I'd like to eventually improve in Gnokii itself. Android doesn't offer the ability to set a standart port for the Gnapplet service, the port changes each time I start the service. I want to improve port autodetection, so that it works with Android. I've done this for Gnome Phone manger already, see . And as I said, The Gnokii Gnapplet driver doesn't seem to support receiving SMS, so I would like to try to add this sometimes if no one beats me to it.

Håvard Wigtil ||

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