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Re: Any interest in an Android version of Gnapplet?

From: Håvard Wigtil
Subject: Re: Any interest in an Android version of Gnapplet?
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 19:52:33 +0200
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Den 11.10.2011 15:21, skrev Daniele Forsi:
2011/10/11 Håvard Wigtil:

A dump of the source so far at
how much is it specific to Android? If it can be ported to Nokia's
J2ME it would be an option also for Symbians that don't support
gnapplet.sis (applet signing might be a problem though)

It's mostly Android specific, as code like this makes heavy use of the platform APIs. There is one part that could be successfully shared with other Java implementations, and that is the protocol implementation (the Gnbus* classes and RequestData). I could also try to document the protocol a little bit better while I'm in the neighbourhood. I think the protocol might be one of the hard parts for someone starting a Java ME implementation. If I remember correctly I even looked at a ME implementation myself some years back, but dropped it when I could figure out the protocol after trying briefly.

I want to improve port autodetection, so that it works with Android. I've done 
this for Gnome
Phone manger already, see
IIUIC this also works with gnapplet.sis (I can't test because my Ngage
QD has the White Screen of Death)

I think that this autodetection (rwhen model=gnapplet,
connection=bluetooth, rfcomm_channel=0) belongs to libgnokii not to
apps, this would also avoid people trying to use model=gnapplet with a
phone that speaks FBUS on channel 14
I agree, if I get around to changing how Gnokii works I'll make sure that G-P-M works with channel=0 for when setting up a connection. (But as G-P-M will require a new Gnokii release after this change, I'll hope you'll consider my G-P-M patch in the meantime.)

I understand that G-P-M currently has no way to autodetect the phone
if model=AT doesn't work, this is the reason why nk6100 can't be used
with it; that's a different problem

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